Best Adsense Alternative for Bloggers

Best Adsense Alternative for Bloggers

The 2 Best Adsense Alternative for Bloggers

Best Adsense Alternative for Bloggers

It’s been a while since I have written an article on this blog of mine but I only write when I feel like writing. The best part about making money online is that I am my own boss, I own blogs and I write when I do feel like writing about a certain aspect or topic.

I felt important for me to write an article about ‘Adsense alternatives’

There are many alternatives to adsense but I would be honest that adsense is the best.
I have a history with them but because of their strange policies and rules which change over night, I stopped working as a publisher for adsense.

Below are the two main tested and legit alternates to adsense.

1. ads by yahoo and Bing is a contextual ad platform and is an excellent alternate to adsense. It takes about 3 months for publisher account to get mature. By getting mature, I mean it takes time during which the ads management or marketing team analyzes different ad formats to get to know the best performing ads according to your blog or site.
The best part about this ad platform is that you are assigned with an account manager who helps you in different areas to make sure that you are getting the best out of your blog or site in terms of making money off it.
I highly recommend this platform for serious bloggers who regularly post new content. It’s one of the best contextual ads network for publishers and site owners. By contextual, I mean ads which are relevant to the topic/content of your blog. One approved publisher account gives you the leverage to place ads on multiple websites but all the sites or blogs need to go through an approval process.

You can see examples by visiting my other blogs below. You can see that the ads are highly relevant thus making it more likely for visitors to click on it and get relevant information. Relevance is the key. Let me give you an example: If I have a blog on making money online but the ads showing up on my blog are related to some sport’s App, then visitors are not likely to click on it.

My Blogs showing media ads

The Music Theory

How to make Money Online Blogging and doing Affiliate Marketing

UFC news and updates

Signup for Publisher account here.

If you are still confused about giving ads, let me give you an example of one of the most famous website which runs ads to earn massive revenue, it’s none other than forbes …. !


I recently opened up an account with infolinks and wanted to give it a try. Infolinks is a platform which provides you different ad platforms to show up on your blog. The most important being clickable text links.
I am satisfied with the earnings and it serves as one of the many good platforms for publishers and site owners to
earn with. It’s an excellent platform for high traffic blogs. Highly recommended way to earn money online with your website. What I like about Infolinks is the types of ads available. Following are the types:




in article

placing different types of ads on your blogs/site, increases the chances of getting clicks

best adsense alternative

Infolinks is the best CPM ad network for low traffic as well as big websites. Earlier it was giving only text ads.

The above mentioned platforms are equally good for advertisers and blog owners.
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Top Affiliate Networks 2018-Top Paying Affiliate Programs

Recommended Product

Best Ways to Earn Money Online-Work From Home

Best Ways to Earn Money Online-Work From Home

Best Ways to Earn Money Online-Work From Home

In this article I will explain the best ways to earn money online. Is it possible to work online from home and make money? The answer is YES! I have been working online for the last 5 years now and I know that it is 100% possible to make money online. Following are legit ways to earn income online from your home.

Below are the top methods I use to make money online & you can too!

Affiliate Marketing:

The top method which I highly recommed is affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? well as I have been informing my subscribers and viewers that affiliate marketing is selling othe people’s products with your unique affiliate link to earn commissions. The most legit platforms are Clickbank, Markethealth & Jvzoo.

First thing is signing up on the platforms mentioned above & it’s totally free. Once you have signed up, you need to find a product to promote. The best product to promote should have the following features and should pass the following checklist:

1-Should be relevant to your Niche or blog topic

without relevance, the chances are really weak to get conversion. Let me give you an example: This blog of mine is about making money online, so I should promote products which are related to making money online. I can also promote products through which people get some type of related service like SEO as without search engine optimization, your article, blog or videos would not rank well and it’s an essential piece of the puzzle for an online marketer or blogger.

2-Landing page should be attractive & it should be easy for the visitor to find the order link button.

Tip: Avoid promoting products with video landing pages as I have observed that it converts less. The probability is low. In other words, promote the products with links to landing page having text or content.

3-Select the product with hype behind it as it’s more likely to convert, why? Let me give you another example here. You must have seen big companies like Samsung promoting their products before the actual launch. It creates hype and people are already interested in getting the product once it’s launched.
When it comes to Clickbank, I prefer products with 20 or more gravity. It’s also important, not to select a product with 200+ gravity initially once your are getting started with affiliate marketing as there is a lot of competition and if your article or video is not ranking well on google, the chances of getting a sale is low.

4-The product should be helpful to people buying it as it makes no sense to me to promote products which are not useful to people buying it. I would be really happy as an affiliate marketer if I am giving people something useful.

Grab the Best Free E-book to learn affiliate marketing

If you are serious about making money through affiliate marketing, I highly recommend the below programs as I have tested the programs myself and they work.

Auto Affiliate Program

Read my review about it here or check out my review video

CB Passive Income Program

Read my review here or check out my review video


Best Ways to Earn Money Online-Work From Home11

The other highly recommended method to make money online is to start a blog. The most important thing which most people ignore is the selection of topic or Niche your blog should be about. Let me make it simple for you to understand. Select a topic you are comfortable writing about and you have knowledge of. I would not start a blog on “Acne” as I have no knowledge about it. I write about making money online because I have spent many years finding ways to earn income at home. Below are useful posts which will help you in understanding the concept of blogging and getting started.

For people who are serious about making money as a blogger, I highly recommend the below program

Affiliate Blogger Pro

Useful Posts:

How to Start Making Money through Blogging

Blogging Tips 2018 for Beginners

How to Start Making Money through Blogging

Micro Jobs Sites:

I highly recommend this method to newbies who are interested in making income online becaus I earned my first penny online through Fiverr. It is 100% legit and you do get sales. The key is to offer the services according to your skillset or profession. I offer content writing service as I have been writing on my blogs for 4 years now and I am comfortable with it. Signup for free on fiverr clicking the banner below and browse or search on services relevant to your skillset. See how other top sellers are promoting their services. See the text they are using to sell their service. Other legit sites are Gigbucks, Seoclerks and Fourerr
. Basically, micro jobs sites give you the option to sell your services ranging from 4 dollars up to hundreds of dollars depending on your level (there are levels for a seller determined on the basis of feedback and orders which the seller have delivered)

Taking Surveys:

This is one awesome method to make money online & you actually get paid to give your opinion.

Below are links to some legit platforms where you can start getting paid for your opinions.

Some of the below methods are paid and some are free & it’s also dependent upon your country.

Worldwide Free Offer:

Worldwide Paid Offers:

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Best Free E-book on Affiliate Marketing Clickbank

Best Free E-book on Affiliate Marketing Clickbank

best free ebook on affiliate marketing clickbank

Click here to download

CB Affiliate Marketing-How To Tap On 1,000’s of Digital Products To Make Commissions – Download Free E-book on Affiliate Marketing #makemoney #makemoneyonline #makeMoneyFromHome #EarnMoney #earnmoneyonline

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I always try to add value to all my visitor’s visit to this blog. If you found this post on best free ebook on affiliate marketing to be useful, kindly share it across social networks using the social icons below or use the sliding one on the left of the screen. Keep visiting my blog as I keep on adding new content related to making money online. I treat my blog as my kid and I feed it with new useful content every week. Explore other sections of our blog to know more about making money online the legit way. Also pay a visit to our sister website to learn blogging and affiliate marketing. With more than 5 years of experience in the field of affiliate marketing, I am sure that my blogs will stand out and will be useful to all visitors who are interested in knowing to earn money online. I highly recommend CB Passive Income by Patrick Chan, who is a multi millionaire. I highly recommend this program as I have personally tested it myself and have received great results in terms of increased earnings. Check my review here about CB Passive Income

You must have reached this post searching for the below..!

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[affiliate marketing]

Tips on How to Use Social Media Responsibly 2018

Tips on How to Use Social Media Responsibly 2018

tips on how to use social media responsibly

Today I will talk on tips on how to use social media responsibly, I found writing on this topic appropriate as of now because today the number to twitter followers I have reached is 10 Thousand (10K)

Check my Twitter account here and follow me if you want to earn money online using legit methods. I recently realized the power of Social Media when used responsibly and effectively. When I started to work on the Social media strategy for my work in 2018, I said to myself that I need to learn more in order for me to get more…it’s simple but the most important part is to use social mediums responsibly and I will explain more on how to use social media responsibly and effectively in this blog post

First thing is your goal

You should sit down, have a cup of coffee and think that What goals you have in mind which you want to achieve using social media. For me the goal as an internet marketer is to reach out to as many people with common interest as I have & to connect more to them, building a strong business relationship in terms of gaining more success in my online work.


Now when you have set a goal, it’s important for you to find the product/niche or market you are comfortable working on and it should reflect your skill or experience. For example, I am an affiliate marketer for the last 5 years and I write on making money online on this blog and this is the area I feel I have the knowledge about to share with the world.

Profile or Bio

Does your profile/bio matters? the answer is: Yes, it does! Experienced Social Media users keep an eye on your profile to see what you do and then follow you after having the faith that you are a real person and not a bot. Your profile/bio should reflect your complete name and should reflect your purpose for having the social account. You may also put some hash tags to tell the world what you blog or post about or what types of services are you offering. Your profile might also reflect on how other followers/subscribers or viewers can utilize your skills to get benefit.

Honesty is the best policy and is the start to become more responsible socially

What you are posting matters and it should be useful to your followers or subscribers. When I realized this fact, I started promoting the products, I have tested myself or I know will work in a positive way for the buyer.

You need to become responsible and post things you have rights for

Let me give you an example here: Posting a high quality image with animation doesn’t mean that you have posted it correctly in terms of having rights to use it. This is how responsible bloggers post on social media sites, they only share content/photos they have rights for. If I am putting up a video on twitter, it’s my responsibility to make sure that I have the rights to use it commercially.

If I have to put images on any social site, I go to google advanced image search and search for pics with “free to use, share or modify, even commercially” tag …Now this is a legit way to use images and it makes you responsible if you keep track of the pointers mentioned in this post.

How to effectively use social media sites:

Here I will simply share few techniques to make your posts more attractive and clickable. Let me divide it into few parts:


First write the description of the post. It should be easy to understand by human eyes…!
Tell the world what you are posting about


Put a link to your actual blog post or site/URL where you want the viewer/visitor to land on. I perfer using to shorten URL’s as it gives me the feature to keep track of the traffic I am getting on my promoted links.

Hash Tags:

Now this is the most important part now-a-days on almost all social sites. It makes your post more searchable eventually increasing probability to get more clicks. It’s a good practice to put 3-4 hastags in every post to social media sites..
Below is an example of a good powerful tweet, cosidering the points above

A nice relevant Pic:

Attach a nice and relevant pic which conveys the message clearly what your post is about. In social media marketing specifically, it’s very important to pay attention to the pictures/photos you post. Use the google advanced image tool to get the images you have rights to use as mentioned above.

Keep coming back to my blog to know more about #makingmoney #makingmoneyonline #makingmoneyfromhome #earnmoney #earnmoneyonline #affiliateMarketing #clickbank #blogging

Note: Do not send traffic to links using social media sites where there are a lot of popups or multiple windows/ads open up. It leaves a very bad impression…!

Learn How to Properly Use Social Media for Business 2018

I Highly recommend Socialmonkee to get most out of Social Power, eventually getting more traffic, leads and sales

Easily build 25 UNIQUE backlinks to your pages every day! Sign up now and start generating quality inbound links to your site today!

Top Affiliate Networks 2018-Top Paying Affiliate Programs

Top Affiliate Networks 2018-Top Paying Affiliate Programs

Hey bloggers and making money online minds.
God bless all!
This post is about the best affiliate networks or platforms in 2018. I will also give you information on what range or access of products you have, briefly..!

Clickbank Affiliate Program:

Top Affiliate Networks 2018-Top Paying Affiliate Programs clickbankaffiliateprogram

As always, I highly recommend people to join Clickbank as they have been really loyal and generous throughout the past years I have been working with them. There financial management is excellent. There was a check (cheque) which I couldn’t submit in my account for the earnings I have made on clickbank as affiliate marketer & I had totally forgotten about it but Clickbank team was kind enough to take notice and send a new cheque.

If you are serious about making money online as affiliate marketer, I highly recommend the following programs:

Inbox Blueprint (Make money off List building)


Affiliate Blogger Pro – For those who are serious about making money off blogging, I highly recommend this method and you can find helpful links to posts on blogging in the end of this post..


For those of you who cannot afford the programs above, I have a great program that I have tested and works well for all affiliate marketers and that’s
Only a dollar to start with…!!

Easy Clone System

Now, getting back to the point for which I am writing this post about..!

The second favorite of mine is

Amazon Affiliate Program

which gives you access to all types of products, now that’s a big point as you have the leverage to select the best products out of the wide range available


I highly recommend you join this program and get started promoting products of your choice or and according to the Niche you write about or work on..!

Third one is the Markethealth platform, it’s a legit place to earn affiliate commissions off physical products and offers CPA and CPS earnings depending on the product and the availability.


This is an excellent platform for people working on health related blogs, sites and even youtube channels
. I have found Markethealth to be a top affiliate marketplace for affiliate marketers interested in selling health related physical products.

Keep coming back to my blog for exciting updates and news about legit ways to earn income online.

Top mentioned are top paying affiliate programs, Clickbank is all about digital products mostly and it’s great in a way as there is no shipping & handling involved but on the other hand amazon gives you power by providing digital and physical products both. It’s on you to decide the path following your Niche

Below are links to interesting blog posts about blogging:

How to Start Making Money through Blogging

How Do I Start a Free Blog and Make Money

How to Start Making Money through Blogging

How to Make Money From Blogging Step by Step

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How to Start Making Money through Blogging

Read details on How to Start Making Money through Blogging below:

How to Start Making Money through Blogging

Learn the concept of starting a blog and making money

I hope that by the time you will reach the end of this post, you will have a clear picture about

How to Start Making Money through Blogging

My Introduction and what this article is about

My complete name is Nishat Andrew Anthony and I am a part of the online internet marketing community for many years now. I will guide you on blogging tips in this article and will try to make it clear what I was doing wrong and what is very important in order for you to understand the whole concept of blogging and then making money off it. I was missing out on reality, that’s right!

I used to listen to everyone and try to implement it online wondering and expecting to get results in terms of making money off the internet. My efforts were there but there was no direction.

Let me cut the chase and tell you. What I am trying to say here is reality based internet marketing and it’s a new concept. If I ask you, Do you like reality? Your answer will obviously be “Yes”

This was the most important factor I was missing out on. People didn’t know my name, what I do and what I used to write was not genuine.

What you need to do is to understand what’s inside of you and what you need to do in life. Set your goals straight and be real. Be genuine and once you become genuine, you will find the right direction to work on.

Be real and write honestly about the topics and around the subject you are passionate about

In this article, I will tell you the basics of starting a blog and then making money off it keeping in mind that what you do makes a difference and is helpful for the visitors or your online audience.

Where to Start?

In this part of the article, I would try to make you understand what needs to be done before you start a blog.

The first thing is the Topic of the Blog:

I would be as straight forward as possible. Only write about the topics you are passionate about and have knowledge off. For me, being part of the online internet community, I love writing about new ways to make money online and my goal is to provide the right information. So select a topic you have sound knowledge of.

Platform to Start Blogging:

The best and most widely used platform is wordpress. It gives you a lot of handy options to work with eventually making your blog better looking and attractive. There are hundreds of free themes to select off and one can easily understand how to operate or setup a blog on wordpress platform

Write Honestly:

A normal practice online is copying someone else’s content where as others simply spin the already written article and post it. This is wrong practice, be honest with what you do and you will succeed. Be genuine and share the reality based on your experience or skill. People love honesty and truth and I hope that this article will be useful in understanding the basic of starting a blog.

Let me briefly put it this way, select wordpress platform, write about the topic you have knowledge of & love writing about. Write honestly keeping in mind that the content is useful to your readers. Write consistently covering all topics related and try to make the content more useful for the reader.

Affiliate Marketing

This is an awesome way to make money off your blog. It’s the art of selling a vendor’s product through your special link known as affiliate link. You can signup with one of the biggest free platform Clickbank. After signing up, browse through the products relevant to your article and place banners or text links. Clickbank is not the only platform. You can signup for Amazon Affiliate Program, jvzoo etc. I am an affiliate marketer for the last 5 years or so and my biggest source of income is through affiliate marketing. I saw significant increase in my online earning when I started to be real and share the right thing. The first step to start anything is the most difficult one but once you take the first step, it becomes more real and then you learn with errors and mistakes. This is the same way how I learned but I would say that there was no one who could show me the right direction. So by direction, I mean to take note of the above mentioned pointers.

I highly recommend you buy my E-book about 9 best ways to make affiliate sales

Social Presence

In this part of the article I would emphasize on the importance of social presence. For any online or offline business, now-a-days, it’s important to have social presence, otherwise the competition will not let you survive the market. What you need to do is lay a foundation with reality. Let me give you example, you need to setup your social profiles and add info to your profile based on reality and not based on bunch of keywords. Once you make your profile on all top social media sites like FB, twitter, Pinterest etc try to connect all the channels. Let me put it this way.

Read more on Social Presence here

Tell the world about yourself and what you do and make it a habit to post your recent articles on all social mediums. When I write a new article, I always share it across the social media to get the word out and to get traffic. Social Media presence can serve as the biggest traffic provider for your articles or posts if used properly. Everyday is a learning curve and a good gardener always keeps on cutting and trimming until perfection.I hope that this article was helpful to viewers/visitors searching for the right direction to start a blog. Kindly share the knowledge as sharing is caring. Thanks! Get more information about Starting Blogging Step by Step, kindly check the following posts!

How to Start Making Money through Blogging

If you are serious about making money as blogger, then do get your hands on Affiliate Blogger Pro Program

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5 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online 2018

5 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online 2018

5 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online 2018

In order for you to understand the 5 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online in 2018, kindly pay close attention to the details below:

Microjobs Sites

This is how I started off making money online and to date, I am still making money on all top microjob sites like fiverr, seoclerks, Fourerr and gigbucks.
Now the concept is simple and if done correctly you can start getting orders in a couple days. Microjob sites give you platform to sell your services.
It can be anything related to your skillset. Signup is totally free and you can start making money online without paying anything. In this post I am sharing legit sources to make money online without investment. Fiverr is the world’s largest Mircojob website with millions of services. Here’s what you need to do, to get started.
Click on the links above & signup totally free. Then browse through different services and check how other people with the same skillset as your’s have put their service on Fiverr. Get ideas and I would say only offer services which you are capable of delivering. Post your gigs on each of the sites mentioned and then share it on your social network to get the word out. You can read more about making money on Fiverr in this blog post of mine. This would be a great way to start your online journey in 2018

Make Money Online Surveys

This is one of the most common ways to make money online and there are legit sources and sources which are not legit. It is also dependent upon your location. Taking surveys for cash is a great way too and I have given some links below for you to explore free options and paid options. Below options are legit!

— Below is US Survey Offer —

Affiliate Marketing

As soon as I earned my first dollar online through fiverr, I was curious to know more about making money online. I started learning about Affiliate Marketing and this is what I am doing for the last four years or so..I am not only an affiliate marketer but a vendor (product owner) of E-Book CB Dollar Book which is about 9 best ways to make affiliate sales.
To get started you can signup on Clickbank or Jvzoo and start promoting your affiliate links. When you sell someone else’s product with your affiliate link, you get paid commission off it. Clickbank is a legitimate source for Affiliate Marketers and I have been with them for about 4 years now..Read more about Affiliate Marketing in the following blog posts

How to Make Money from Clickbank Affiliate Sales 2018

What is Clickbank – How to Make first Clickbank Sale

Start a free Blog and Make Money off it

I have written below posts in detail about how to start a free blog and make money off it. Check out the posts below for details:

How Do I Start a Free Blog and Make Money

Blogging Tips 2018 for Beginners

How to Make Money From Blogging Step by Step

Starting your own Youtube Channel

This is a great way to make money online but for newbies it takes a lot of effort to receive your first payment thorugh Google.
Your videos should be viral and should have good traffic stats. If you think that you can make viral videos, Youtube is the best place for you to start earning money.
Make a new youtube channel using your gmail account and upload videos which you own and only you have rights to. Do not put other people’s video on your channel as it’s not going to make money for you. Be genuine and post your own content only. You can read more about making money with Adsense here

Read more on making money with Youtube views here

Here’s the link to my channel

One way to earn money with youtube channel is through Google Adsense Hosted account but in the longer run, once your channel becomes famous and start getting loads of views, people can actually hire you and pay you to make review videos for their product.

If you feel that the information provided in this post was useful in understanding 5 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online, kindly share it across social networks using the social icons at the top of this post. Thanks & keep coming back to our blog for more ideas and information on making money online..!

How Do I Start a Free Blog and Make Money

How Do I Start a Free Blog and Make Money

How Do I Start a Free Blog and Make Money

One of my subscribers asked me to write about How do you start a free blog and then make money off it.
There are many aspects to starting a blog and then making it famous over time. It needs consistency, unique content every other day, your passion to write on a topic and knowledge of SEO and then how to make money off your blog. I will try to write and touch all topics in this blog post & I would also recommend some programs to start your online journey. Every piece of the puzzle is important in your online growth. Every important element of the bigger picture plays an important role. Now when I say it, I mean it and I know exactly what I am talking about. I am blogger by profession with more than 5 years of online experience in Making Money online Niche. I know the loop holes and almost 90% of the ways available online to make money. Why 90%, well, I am being honest because the online world never sleeps and there are always new ways to make money off the internet. Coming back to the main point i.e. how do I start a free blog and make money. Now, first you need to notice and note down following things:

The topic or niche of the blog:

Select a topic or market/niche you are passionate about and you love writing or sharing about. For example. I love writing about making money online because I love it, I love making money online and I have spent years in the online market. So, what I am trying to say, is: Turn your passion into blogging. If you love UFC, make a blog about it and write about new events. If you love soccer, make a blog on it and start writing about it

Be honest with yourself:

By saying be honest with yourself, I mean to say that write the right thing and be real. If you are just making a blog on weight loss for the sake of making money off it, it’s better you don’t do it. Select the topic or subject you have knowledge of and you are passionate about.
Another important thing is the recommendation. If you recommend a product or program to your blog visitors, it should be useful to them. I would rather say, promote the products or programs you have tested yourself or you know will be highly useful for your visitor, after doing proper research on it. Make blogging real and fun..!

Basic knowledge of SEO:

This is a very important element for your online growth and if you are really serious about making money online, you need to learn SEO. I would give you a simple yet powerful technique to learn. Spend 15 minutes everyday on youtube searching about how to do Search Engine Optimization and I am sure that in a month’s time, you will be able to understand the whole concept and how things work online.

Below are some useful articles on SEO:

How to get Backlinks

How to SEO your youtube video

Importance of Social Presence

SEO Techniques

How to make sale of Fiverr

How to do keyword research

Keyword Research & Strategy with Keyword Planner

How to Create Your Blog/How to Create a Blog For Free on Google:

The best place to start a new blog is none other than You just need a gmail account to get started after you have worked on the above mentioned pointers. gives you many features to make good looking blogs.
Below are some example blogs on blogger which I run

using your gmail account to login, select a design/tempelate and keep the name for the blog, that’s it!

Make Money WordPress: is one of the largest and biggest platform for free blogs. it gives you leverage to work provided great looking free themes and features.
I highly recommend wordpress blogs. Signup is free and you can start making your own free blog in minutes.
For how to use wordpress and different plugins, you need to do some research online. I would say that my 12 years old cousin can make a blog using wordpress platform. It’s very easy to operate. Below are some useful posts on how to use wordpress

How to Use WordPress

New To WordPress – Where to Start

how to make money with a blog for beginners/how do bloggers make money from blogging/how to start a blog for free and make money:

I would say that you can start earning from your blog as soon as you post your first post online. I am serious about it. In this topic, I will give you some details on basic ways to earn money off your blog in 2018 for free

Affiliate Marketing:

A great way to start making money off your blog is utilizing affiliate marketing. You can signup free on Clickbank or Jvzoo and start earning commissions off every product sold with your affiliate link. It’s not that simple though. I would like to give you some details on how it works. You signup for the affiliate account and then search for the product to promote. Once you have selected the product to promote, you put your referral link related to the product you are trying to sell in your blog posts. Now the product you want to sell, should have the below mentioned two pointers:

1-Should be useful to your visitor
2-Relevant to the topic/niche or blog post

Keep the above mentioned pointers in mind while promoting a product or placing a link to it in your blog posts. For me, honesty is the best policy and I only recommend products I have tested myself or have done research about. I only promote products, useful to my visitors. Hope you understand the concept and read more about making money from your blog in below mentioned posts:

How to Make your first Fiverr Sale

How to make money with Clickbank Affiliate sales in 2018

How to start making money through blogging

Make Money of CPA

Blogging Step by Step

I highly recommend my personally written E-book on how to make money with affiliate marketing here
In this E-book, you will learn 9 best ways to earn money with affiliate marketing and the price is only $3

Adsense\Other publisher programs:

A healthy way to earn money off your blog is to get adsense or ads approved for your blog. Once your free blogger blog has more than 60 unique articles or blog posts, apply for adsense account and start getting paid for placing ads through google on your blog. Let me also add here that your blog should have more than 60 unique posts with more than 1000 words each. Your blog design should be professional and good looking. The interface should be easy for the visitor to understand. Your blog should have contact us and about us/about me pages. I would say that in the longer run, you will have to buy a domain of your own and setup wordpress on it but starting a free blog and making money on it is possible for sure.

Read more about making money on adsense here

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How to Make Money from Clickbank Affiliate Sales 2018

How to Make Money from Clickbank Affiliate Sales 2018

how to make money from clickbank affiliate sales 2018

In this post, I will write about how to make money from Clickbank making affiliate sales in 2018

The below mentioned techniques are tested and proven to work and I would highly recommend you pay attention and follow the instructions below:

Brief overview about What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is a marketplace full of digital products & is a platform for product owners and affiliate marketers. Vendors or product owners use Clickbank to provide them with best payment platform to launch their product/to handle all payments & to promote the products, there are thousands of affiliate marketers. Vendors get enough affiliate marketers to promote their product and affiliate marketers have thousands of products to choose from and promote

Read more about clickbank in this post to understand What is Clickbank?

The signup is totally free for affiliate marketers and you instantly get access to thousands of products to promote and make money off

I have always said that clickbank is 100% legit and I am sure that it will remain the same

In this post, specifically, I will write about ways to start making money with clickbank fast. I am sure that if you follow any method explained below, you will get your first sale soon

Wish you all the best, lets start!

Placing Banner Ads on High Traffic Sites:

This is one powerful method and I have tested it out. It works most of the times if the right product is selected and the right site is selected to place your banner on. Relevance is the key. If you want to sell weight loss product, find a site in the same Niche/topic and drop a message to webmaster to place your ad on it. You can get banners by checking the affiliate section of the product you want to sell. A great place to find the best site in relevant niche is buysellads

Note: Find high traffic site in the same market or niche and get the banner placed on it

Writing Articles or Blog Post

You can write articles or blog posts and then drop your affiliate links in it. Again relevance is the key. If you are working in make money online niche, you won’t get any benefit promoting weight loss products. Understand the concept. People who are visiting your blog post related to make money are more likely to click the banner or link for related product

With years of experience in affiliate marketing, I highly recommend you start with basics and one such program is Affiliate Blogger Pro, which teaches you step by step, how to start your own blog and make affiliate income off it. Check out the official site here

Writing Reviews of Clickbank Products

This is one of the best methods to get your first clickbank sale in a couple of weeks.
You can write product reviews based on your own experience and judgment. The review should be based on reality. This is what I do and I do get sales because I understand that if I recommend a product to someone, it should be useful to him in terms of increasing monthly affiliate commission.

Niche based Blog/Site

This is yet another powerful technique, you need to gather crowd interested in one topic/niche or market. A great example would be a blog around Acne Remedies. Note: everything you do online is based on keywords and you should be able to get the keywords which are not saturated (overly worked on). Find the low competition keywords. In this particular example, you need to write around 10 posts/articles about Acne remedies/symptoms etc. and then drive traffic to one post which has the review about Acne product you have tested and highly recommend.


Youtube as we all know is one of the world’s most visited sites. If I want to know about anything, I go search it on youtube and 99% of the times, I do get the answer to the questions I have in mind. This is a powerful medium to drive traffic and get conversions.

First work on keywords and once you have the keywords you want to work on, make a review video about the product based on reality and your experience and then refer to your affiliate link in description.

Your reviews should be real and not based on your knowledge and search results

It can be a negative review if you didn’t find the product to work for you and in this case you would recommend a different product instead, which works for your users/visitors subscribers etc.

Below are good examples of review videos:

Using Social Media

Every now and then, whenever we get time, we check or browse through different posts on social media like FB. Make a fanpage around the niche or market you want to promote products related to and place links to reviews about products relevant to your niche/market

You can also get paid advertising for the posts related to your products by boosting it

It works well and is a tested method to promote affiliate products

Note: you cannot paste the affiliate links directly, create market/traffic for the niche first and then drop a link to the post in which you have written product review

Product of your own:

If you have a product of your own, you can signup as vendor here

Clickbank is a great place for vendors as you get loads of affiliate marketers to promote your product

Hope that this post was useful on

How to Make Money from Clickbank Affiliate Sales

and keep coming back to my blogs to know more about the never sleeping world of making money on the internet

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