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Project Wonderful Review Advertiser & Publisher

Project Wonderful Review Advertiser & Publisher

I have been using project wonderful as a publisher and also as an advertiser for 2 years now and Its’ always a great experience.

If you are planning to buy banner advertisement then there is no better place than project wonderful. Why? on most of the sites you buy impressions for banners but at project wonderful there is no limit to impressions as you don’t pay per impressions, you pay per day.
Try project wonderful


You have to bid to place your banner ad and there are four locations for winning a bid, US Traffic, Canada Traffic, European traffic and else where around the world. In other words, if you want US traffic, your bid should be more than the current bid for US traffic for that particular site you want to advertise on.

The rates are very reasonable, I have placed my banner ads from 0.01 to 1 dollar per day, depending upon the traffic a site gets.

You can search for places to advertise using various aspects like size of banner and categories. I like working with project wonderful.


You can add a minimum of 5 dollars to start advertising. You can pay it using paypal.

It gives you real time reports of how many impressions your banner has received and how many clicks were generated. I have also matched the data with google analytics and it’s always correct. I highly recommend it to all advertisers.

As a publisher I love it and for me it’s one of the best google adsense alternatives

Try project wonderful


I have all my confidence in their services as an advertiser and a publisher.

cpm campaigns now possible!

Project Wonderful always bids in CPD (cost per day) but campaigns can now convert those CPD values into CPM. So now with campaigns you can say “bid for me, but I don’t want to pay more than $0.15 CPM” and your CPD bids will automatically be adjusted to stay within that range!
It’s a great way to bid across the entire network (why not?) while still getting a great value and keeping your costs low. Try it out by creating a campaign! Just enter in the CPM price you want to pay, and we’ll do the rest. 🙂

Try project wonderful


Project Wonderful Review - projectwonderfulreview

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CB Passive Income Review

CB Passive Income Review:

As a clickbank affiliate marketer and a vendor, its’ my duty to bring to you the truth about any products being sold on clickbank. Clickbank is a great marketplace with well over 20,000 digital products and I personally trust the whole clickbank team as affilaite marketer and vendor. The most important feature of any product being sold at clickbank is that they provide you money back guarantee and cb passive income is not an exception. I don’t like to pick reviews written by others and edit them to just add another item or article to my blogs. I concentrate on writing my own reviews according to my experience.

cb passive income review

Cb passive income is a great system. By system I mean that it’s a complete system with a lot of elements which you will come to know about in this post.

If you are in search of a program or system to add an income stream then this is the best one. How is it the best one? Let me explain: Every Affiliate millionaire has his own list and this is what this system revolves around.

If you have to make a list or build a list it will cost you a lot unless you know the real methods and techniques to make one. What this system does is that it makes a list for you by providing subscribers with free report. Now it’s obvious that only people who are interested in getting the report will become subscribers. The story doesn’t end here, with cb passive income system in place, emails will be sent automatically to all subscribers with product details having your clickbank affilate id therefore you will definitely earn with this system.

As I already mentioned that I only promote products which can bring financial happiness to buyers, therefore I highly recommend it to all affiliate marketers who are struggling to make sales.

There is a one time $47 cost involved only. You will not have to write content, make free report or products…you will not even have to send out emails on your own..the cb passive income system does it all for you. I truly believe that it will work for all who follow the instructions in the system as I know how to make sales as affiliate marketer and vendor.

If you will have to make a system like this by your own, it will definitely cost you not less than $1500 or more. For only $47 one time payment you can get this amazing all in one system which will work for you 24/7 by making affiliate sales for you.

Patric Chan a well know affiliate marketer, the maker of this product and author of many books has designed a perfect product for you in terms of cb passive income. Get your hands on it as this is the real deal and I know it works. United State’s 25th richest man has made positive remarks about cb passive income.

There are around 90% positive reviews about cb passive income.

Trust me, the money is in the list…

Is it legit or scam:

100% legit try it out now

Other program which I have tested and I highly recommend:

I have recently launched my own e-book on how to make affiliate sales Check it out too…!


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How to Get Backlinks SEO considering Google Panda and Penguin

How to Get Backlinks SEO

Find free legit ways on How to Get Backlinks SEO

How to Get Backlinks SEO

How to Get Backlinks considering Google Panda and Penguin

This is the most essential part of the game (SEO) as without Backlinks you cannot get a good search engine ranking. Remember the following for better SERP and results:

Links should be from the same niche (try to get the links from same niche as they carry for importance in terms of search engine ranking)
The sites linking to you should have good PR (page rank)
One way backlinks are more appreciated by search engines
Get authority backlinks like wiki backlinks
While getting or buying backlinks use different URL’s (Main website url and sub pages or posts urls)
Do not get a blast of Backlinks (not good in terms of Panda and Penguin updates of google)
After getting the report for the URL’s where your backlinks are placed, ping them using Pingfarm. place one url per line and after pasting all the url’s send ping

List of places where you can get backlinks:

classified sites
rss feed submission
Net 2.0 sites
Buying backlinks
Blog commenting
Yahoo groups


You can search for a list of free directories and start posting on them. Select Category and sub category according
to the niche or keyword you are working on.

Classified Sites:

You can search for a list of free classified sites and start posting your ad on them. Select Category and sub category according
to the niche or keyword you are working on.

Rss feed sites:

Use the sites below to submit your rss feed url, it is very beneficial and you will get good backlinks with the passage of time:

Rss feed submission to multiple sites

Net 2.0 sites:

There are many of these but I recommend the two top sites as follows:



Buying backlinks:

Here most of us do mistakes, we normally buy 1000’s of backlinks and our site comes under spam.
Do not buy large no. of backlinks. buy 500 to 1000 backlinks initially and submit them to
Linklicious will then ping 40 backlinks per day for you on autopilot.

you can also check my services to get backlinks

Blog commenting:

Google about websites with same Niche, then after reading their complete posts, submit a relevant comment (do not spam). The recommended number of comments per day are 20 or less.

Yahoo groups:

Its not a main essesntial part, as it may serve as a backlinks or may not but as per my experience, I have seen that few of my email links got indexed in search engines through yahoo mailing groups because they were shared by the readers online



I highly recommend you to make videos about the niche you have selected and upload them, why? its because videos are more likely to get better rank with little seo efforts.
Also if you want more out of it, I highly recommend the following program, with few clicks you can post your video to multiple video sites. Highly recommend it…starts with only 1 dollar.

Traffic Geyser

Useful Blog Posts on Making Money Online

How to Make Your First Sale on Fiverr

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You reached this post in search of the following:

google backlinks
how to get backlinks
website rankings
get website traffic
inbound links
panda update
google panda penguin

Check my review video to know which program I use to get high PR backlinks

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How to Get Backlinks SEO

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Best Ways to Earn Money-Clickbank Affiliate Earnings

Clickbank Affiliate Earnings

Clickbank Affiliate Earnings

Why we fail online and my personal experience sharing about how to start an online business:

My purpose of writing this post is to provide you with a source to find the best suitable ebooks, programs and products to make more clickbank sales and to be successful online in terms of SEO, online jobs, internet marketing and all other aspects to earn money online.

My online journey and what you need to know to be successful

Its been 4 years for which I am working as an Internet Marketer. Within these four years, I have tried out every single thing, writing blogs, finding ways to make more clickbank sales, making review videos, doing SEO, buying ebooks to learn more and have spent more than a thousand dollars in my journey to find out the best product and services. I faced 98% failure during my first year online. The reason was simple but took me one year to identify whats wrong! The biggest thing which was missing is direction. No one was there to help me out and show me the right path. My book – An Error free 7 methods to make consistent affiliate sales

Smart Work

Only struggling and hard work doesn’t pay off and trust me that I have worked my butts off. Unless you find someone who is really willing to help you out and knows what he is doing, you cannot succeed without right direction. Therefore I have written this book which will help you in getting the in depth knowledge about all the right ways which will definitely help you succeed online.

I don’t want you to waste your precious time and money and therefore I will be really straight forward in terms of explaing things and will be honest

Bottom Line

After four years, now I feel complete and now I am working as a full time Internet Marketer and as a Clickbank Vendor. Finally I have started to love my life and enjoy the freedom. Forget about wasting your hard earned money and buying useless programs, read my Book thoroughly and you would find ways and tips about how to start earn affiliate money!

why you need to learn

As I have already mentioned that you cannot do it yourself and if you try to, you will face failure as I did few years back. The reason why I fail was that I didn’t know which product or program will work for me and I just blindly kept on trying out different things. Just an example: If you want to Study or learn any particular subject, you go to the teacher who is a specialist in that area. You will definitely not go to a confectioner to learn psychology.

Enjoy your visit to my website by exploring it! Also keep on searching and browsing the internet and find new ideas, it will keep you updated about all the latest trends online and will increase your knowledge and interest.

One Tip before you buy any Online earning program or product:

Always search that product or program which you want to buy on warrior forum before you want to buy it and read its review there. This is one simple technique which saved me a lot of dollars.

Wish to see you on the other side as a successful online earner.

As far as my experience is concerned, start by learning SEO then implement your knowledge to make a website or blog and through that blog or website, start earning adsense money and selling clickbank products. Use the following links to learn more.

God bless all!

Recommended Programs:

This is my E-Book written for newbies and experienced affiliate marketers to guide them how to make many affiliate sales and earn healthy affiliate commissions-Best 7 ways to earn money as affiliate

Useful Blog Posts on Making Money Online

How to Make Your First Sale on Fiverr

What is Clickbank – How to Make first Clickbank Sale

How To Make Money with Google Adsense

How to make money with youtube views

Best Ways to make $$ Online

Mass article Control-Make 1000 articles in less than 30 seconds on auto pilot-A great way to make backlinks – essential part for seo training made easy
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Best Ways To Earn Money Online

Best Ways To Earn Money Online
Best Ways To Earn Money Online

Work Smart not hard, try our tested and proven methods to generate income FAST….!!! Do you know what is the difference between a rich man and a poor one..ITS THE MIND SET AND THE WAY OF THINKING…poor remains poor because he has no dreams and doesn’t think about how to improve his financial condition. IF YOU ARE A PERSON WHO WANTS TO SEE HIS DREAMS COME TRUE THEN YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE….!!!!

It took me more than 4 years to realize the potential in Affiliate Marketing, now I am willing to share this formula blue print with you and make you money.
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