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How to Generate Traffic to Your Website

How to Generate Traffic to Your Website

3 Awesome ways on how to generate traffic to your website for free:-

In this article, I will give some legit free sources to get traffic rolling to your site. There are many ways to generate free traffic but the below mentioned are the tested one’s to work better.
This post will specifically explain the free traffic sources and how to generate traffic coming to your blog or website.

Now remember that not all free sources are good for your business. Put it this way, this is not highly targeted traffic but it might convert and certainly it will improve the alexa ranking for your blog or site. I will also give some tips to get targeted traffic and recommend programs to boost your site’s online presence below.

Free Traffic exchange:

The disadvantage of using free traffic exchange platforms is traffic which is not targeted and impacts the average session duration which is a metric on google analytics.

Therefore in this post I will only recommend one good free traffic exchange platform.

It’s, signup is free and you can actually target the traffic country wise being a free member now that is something which was really awesome for me because I could get targeted traffic from Asia, Europe or US. You can also adjust the timer, the time period for which your ad/site will be displayed.

How to Generate Traffic to Your Website - The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

You also get chance to perform different tasks and get points in return, which later on you can convert to website hits. Great place to make money too.

Along with using free traffic exchange, I highly recommend you pay close attention to SEO, that is right, search engine optimization. If you are serious about getting targeted traffic, then SEO is the route you need to follow.

I recommend the following program to learn SEO:

Advanced SEO Techniques Made Simple

Second free resource is Youtube:

Make a youtube channel and fill it up with all required information about a certain niche you want to promote products related to. Post relevant videos and drop a link in description with a call to action like ‘hey check out the link in the description to get more details’

you can actually get targeted traffic, based on keyword. Selection of keyword will play a significant role so pay close attention to selecting low competition keyword with more searches.
You can check out my channel as example.

Check out the recommended products below to build backlinks and to search keywords to bring highly targeted traffic to your site.

Long Tail Pro: Keyword Research Software

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Third best free resource is Social Media:

You can actually get targeted traffic to your blog with social media. For instance, make a twitter account. In your bio explain how you are related to the niche you are marketing products related to. Post relevant content. Follow people who are interested in the niche you are promoting. Read the blog posts mentioned below to know the correct method of getting targeted followers.
Let me give you a small example, log into your twitter account, on the search bar search for weight loss(or the niche you selected), from the search results, go to people and open up their followers, follow them, cool!

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Recommended product for better social presence:

Fan Page Robot – Automated System To Grow Social Media Fanbase & Leads

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