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The secret sauce that millionaire affiliates have that you DON’T!

As a super-affiliate, I get a lot of beginner affiliates ask me
what the secret sauce is to it. But the truth is, there isn’t a
single ingredient that makes you successful. You need the
whole package.

But guess what – you can have the whole package!

Super millionaire affiliate, Mark Ling, has created a step-by-
step guide where he takes you through how he creates HIS
sites – and doesn’t leave anything out:

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And guess what? It was so simple, his DAD used this to
retire with a 6-figure income on autopilot! You’ll get:

* Where the profitable niches are that you can’t seem to find
* The secrets to creating a website that MAKES money
* Find out why you aren’t ranking in Google – and FIX it!
* Access to a support staff that will audit your site for FREE!
* Plus some amazing, limited time bonuses, like…

… well – if you want to know what the bonuses are, you’ll have
to go take a look! But trust me, they are worth almost as much
as AffiloBlueprint itself!

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When I first got started in affiliate marketing, I wanted to
Quit my job and make a better life for my family. Thanks to
AffiloBlueprint, I now do – it gets my highest recommendation.

Take action today – and turn your life around.

Kind Regards,


Domainer Elite Honest Review-is it scam

Domainer Elite Honest Review:

How would you like to turn $9.99 into $1000 and even more! it’s possible!

Its not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a technique which is further refined by Jamie Lewis, who has made millions by just flipping domains.

Jamie Lewis the creator of this program is a renowned domain flipper and has already made millions of dollars just by flipping domains.
jamie lewis domainer elite

Whether you have a domain or a complete website, you can make money by just selling it using the techniques and instructions given in the domainerelite program.

I have personally tested it and as an internet marketer for the last 4 years, I have found the information to be really awesome.

I was making money earlier by flipping domains but I was only making few hundred dollars, after getting this program I was able to make in thousands..!

this is a limited time offer and right now you can get your hands on it for only $ 19.95.

Trust me, it’s not a myth that thousands of people around the world are making money just by flipping domains but the key is that this program will teach you step by step on how to go about buying domains at the cheapest price and selling it at the highest price.

Get the program here, let’s rock 2016 and make it the best year of our lives

I will give you a very small example, you buy a domain and lets assume a new company is getting opened up and it’s name is Aerotech Bio Chemicals, then is the ideal domain for the company and they will buy it without even giving a second thought about cost.

It really works, you just need the blueprint of how to make it happen. Domainer Elite is the exact blueprint you require.

Get the step by step instructions here

buy it using the link above and just drop me an email at “” to get a complete e-book totally free on how to make affiliate sales and make big commissions.

it comes with 100% money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.
Get this Awesome Domainer Elite Program Now

We highly recommend it with 100% confidence!!
With this program you will get The “Magic Words” List
Instant Access to 109,582 “Magic Words” that Could Land YOU a SINGLE Word DotCom Domain! You will also get bonuses worth $297..Easy to Unpack ZIP file Stimulates Your Brain to Bring Your Domain Business to 7-Figure status!

Get the step by step instructions here

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Simple Video Press Review-Automation to make money

Simple Video Press Review-Automation to make money

Do you like automation? If you use YouTube & WordPress in your business marketing
efforts – this email is for you. It’s all about “Magic Robots”.

(If not – thanks for checking it out and consider forwarding this to a friend who does.
They will thank you for doing so.)

simple video press

A brand new software was just released called “Simple Video Press” this week and it is unlike anything I have ever seen before. It literally automates the creation of blog posts from video, builds your email list and so much more… .

Go here and watch the video (prepare to be blown away):
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“What is SVP – what does it do?”

Basically the “magic robots” do the heavy lifting for you! Whenever you create a new
video and upload it to YouTube – it automates the creation of a blog post with
your new video.

Literally upload the Video to YouTube and carry on with your day. The software then
creates a new blog post for you and publishes it! Or if you prefer it saves it as a draft
and sends you an email telling you it’s there waiting for your approval.

(More Q&A below)

Go here now to get Simple Video Press (limited availability):
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To your success,

Nishat Anthony

More common questions about SVP:

“Can I use this for older videos?”

Yes you can – The installation takes about 45 seconds. And then 1 -3 minutes later
(depending on how many videos you have) You will see all of your videos + comments
created as new blog posts.

If you have existing videos you add the SVP video “wrapper” to your site and reap the rewards
of new subscribers, increased views & growth to your email list.

A lot of people create new categories on their sites and put a bunch of videos up in about 5
minutes. They report those pages has become the 2nd most popular page on their site!
Which leads to huge gains in views, opt-ins, YT subscriptions, etc.

Does it support multiple auto-responders.

Yes – pretty much every email system is supported – including Aweber, Mail Chimp,
i Contact, Get Response, Constant Contact, Office Auto Pilot, etc. etc.

Can I use this for videos that are not mine?

No you cannot – we thought about adding this option but felt that it would be
used for spammy purposes and decided against it. If in the future we see a
way this could be used legitimately – we will consider it.

click here to get more details

Bitcoin currency and its details-the future is here

An Overview – Bitcoin Currency


Bitcoin is a de-centralized digital exchange that nobody owns. Even, government does not have any type of control over it. Instead, cryptographic proofs & peer-to-peer networking is used in order to operate the whole system. This system is managed and made scam-free by recording trades in a block chain, a record of public history, after they’re authenticated with an evidence of work system.

This network started operating in the year 2009. The concept involves virtual currency that has no connection to govt. regulated exchange. The Bitcoin structure has some advantages such as:

• It’s less costly for operating and usage.

• It could be immediately transferred across the globe and there’ll be no fees for the transactions. Also, you could utilize & transfer it secretly. 

• Similar to other currencies, the extent of this cash is static and nobody owns a right to make fresh Bitcoins. Nevertheless, individuals are able to mine Bitcoins however there’s a certain limit to it. Also mining Bitcoins isn’t that cheap. 

• Bitcoin is a free coinage; no company controls it.
• It’s a democratic exchange. 

• It’s the digital correspondent of something valuable. 

• Since it uses a digital platform, it has the possibility to get even more treasured than gold.

How to Get More Info Regarding Bitcoins?

Make money with Bitcoin Real cash

You will be ableto learn about Bitcoins from several sources online. You could check online magazines, articles as well as blogs. Internet can be a major source for someone who’s new to Bitcoins. Thru forums & blogs, you will learn economical, political, and technical issues associated with the Bitcoin structure. Such mediums are good source of info & you could know everything in regards with this virtual exchange.

Also, even if you already understand plenty about it working, you could stay informed on each issue & news about this new digital exchange system. You can also sign up on forums related to bitcoin system and begin discussion along with the specialists. You can ask whatever you’re unclear about & post different threads. Most forums also contain a blog section in which experts publish informative posts which can be your best learning source since you get helped by other people’s experience.

The Bitcoin currency system can look complicated to persons who hardly know anything about it & many individuals find this concept tough to understand and trust. It’ll not take long for people to begin accepting & then adopt this virtual exchange system that seems more open, independent & secure.
more about bitcoin currency

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Is it possible to Earn Extra Money from Home

Can I Really Earn Extra Money from Home?

The answer to this question is sure. You can truly earn extra money from house on your computer. Anyway, you must do your research. Most of us are alert that there are many scams on the internet.
Let’s take a fast look at some ways to earn money online.



if not you have been under a rock for the past few years, I understand you are familiar with the term blogging. This is an amazing way to earn extra money online. There are a few techniques to go about it. One of which is select a topic of interest. Make your own blog about the topic and position yourself as a professional on the topic. As your followers start to gain confidence in your expertise, you can start introduce items or services that you are marketing that are related openly to the topic.

Affiliate Marketing-

affiliate marketing make money

This may be a fresh term to most of you, but rest assured there are exactly fortunes being made through affiliate marketing. As an affiliate promoter you are paid commission to drive traffic or visit to advertiser’s sites. When a person referred to an advertiser website completes a purchase, you get an amazing commission. This is another best way to earn extra money from house on your PC.

Learn 9 best ways to earn through affiliate marketing

Computer Programmer-

computer programmer earn money

As a PC Programmer you are liable for writing and/ or debugging the code of an app or website. This is a best position to set up as a house based business or you can act as a worker of a firm. The truly cool part about this is that you can do it while working from house.

The Fastest Way To Get A Job … 100% Guaranteed!

Web tester-


Game Testers Academy – The Best Game Tester Offer!

Many times in pre-launch phase of site the developers have testers job through the functionality of the site. There is not much experience needed to make money online from this online. All you will need is your PC and an internet link. In no time you will be capable to earn finance from house on your PC.

Remote Call Center- Now this one is an amazing option for someone that has little children at home during the day. You can earn extra money from house by setting your home up as a call center. There are few firms that will pay you very perfect take inbound sales call from businesses. You have choice to make to make outbound customer service related calls.

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How to Make Money-Top Ways To Earn Your First Dollar Online

How to earn money online-Make extra money

How to earn money online

Making money online has become part of many people’s lives. Thanks to the internet many opportunities to make some extra money have developed over the past few years. So in answer to the question, “How to make extra money?” one can answer in various ways as there are so many options available.

The first thing that comes to mind is to set up a home based business. You can build up a website even for free and sell products of your own making, or services, through it. You can also sell by means of social media platforms such as Facebook.

here is how you earn money by selling products

how to make money online

Another popular way to make money online is by writing articles. There are various websites one can register at. Writing services also include report writing, translations, proofreading and rewrites. Below are the sites where you can write articles and earn money
Fiverr, gigbucks

Another answer to the question of how to make extra money is to take up surveys or by trying out paid-to-click sites. You can also register on sites where you can complete some simple tasks, such as posting a comment on forums or blogs, and you will get paid in return.

There are innumerable ways to make money online. You just have to check out different opportunities and choose the ones which you prefer.

I recommend the following services and programs to earn money

Millionaire Society

here is how you earn money by selling products, learn 9 best ways to make affiliate money

make extra money online

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Bitcoin currency and its details

Bitcoin currency

Bitcoin currency

Ever since we humans have undertaken the developmental process, we have has several breakthroughs and presently we are living in terms which are referred as modern times due to such incredible advancements. From the barter system to advent of money to modern day trade, we have seen many changes and one aspect which matters a lot in trade and commerce is currency. The very mention of the term currency brings the two major forms, namely paper as well as the coins to our realisation. But as we have mentioned that we have seen lot of breakthroughs in various fields, there is one more type of currency which has created waves in the world of trade and is known as bitcoin which is a digital currency.

Bitcoin is the future

Bitcoin currency is of international nature in the sense that is does not belong to any specific country and it is a decentralised currency. Bitcoin could said to have the characteristics of gold as a currency as the supply of bitcoins is also limited. Bitcoin is a form of currency which is digitally created and it could be traded internationally. Also it is essential to mention that the transactions of bitcoin are irreversible. The network of bitcoin is not owned by anyone and this currency is in the form of a computer program and is stored in what is referred to as virtual wallet.

There is this term called bloc chain which is associated with bitcoin as the network of Bitcoin shares a public ledger and whatever transactions are processed are there in this ledger. Bitcoins could be purchased at Bitcoin exchange and the payments through bitcoins are relatively simple when and it could be made from your computer or smartphone. Transparency is another factor associated with bitcoins and also one of the reasons for its popularity. But as have mentioned that bitcoin are limited in their supply, the total number of bitcoins which could be created is twenty-one million.

Make money with Bitcoin

XBT to USD (Bitcoin to USD) rate is the most popular Bitcoin exchange rate and XBT is used as currency code for bitcoins although officially there is no ISO currency code for this. Bitcoin rate would differ depend upon the currency traded with it. Bitcoin exchange rate in terms of bitcoins to USD keeps on fluctuating depending upon the movement of both these currencies versus each other. The Bitcoin stock price also keeps on changing depending upon the performance of the stock and factors like demand as well as supply. Like other stock prices, the bitcoin stock price also undergoes the highs and lows. One can have a look at bitcoin exchange rate chart to understand the movement and the performance of this currency. Bitcoins to USD charts could be studied to see how bitcoin has performed with respect to USD.

Bitcoin rate differs across the various currencies and one can undertake a bit of research in getting a sense as to how this currency has been trading and what are its highs and lows. You can look at bitcoin USD charts of different periods to understand bitcoin exchange rate.

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I phone 6 and I phone 6 plus features and technology

I phone 6 and I phone 6 plus features and technology

How to make Incredible videos with your iphone to sell more of your products and services

Technology behemoth Apple is well-known for its top quality high-tech gadgets. Brand Apple has many followers worldwide.
Apple launched two smartphones, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the US recently. Here is a brief review.

iPhone 6


iPhone is easy to handle. It’s bigger (4.7 inches) and crispier display is appreciated by many users. The larger screen is definitely an improvement over the previous models. The glass used in the screen can withstand many bumps and bruises before shattering.
Apple seems to have worked on improving LTE and Wi-Fi speeds. Another plus is the storage capacity (up to 128 GB). The NFC Apple Pay mobile wallet feature is at the horizon. iPhone offers many features. With this model, Apple endeavors to please everyone. Overall the iPhone 6 is a good handset. It has arrested the slide for Apple.
If you are expecting the battery to perform better than the older models you are more likely to be disappointed. There is no significant change. Also some Android phones have successfully fit an even larger 5-inch screen into the same size frame.


Features of iphone 6 are below

OS: iOS 8, upgradable to iOS 8.0.2
Chipset: Apple A8
CPU: Dual-core 1.4 GHz Cyclone (ARM v8-based)
GPU: PowerVR GX6450 (quad-core graphics)
Sensors: Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer
Messaging: iMessage, SMS (threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Email
Browser: HTML5 (Safari)
Radio: No
Java: No
Colors: Space Gray, Silver, Gold
– Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic
– Siri natural language commands and dictation
– iCloud cloud service
– iCloud Keychain
– TV-out
– Maps
– Audio/video player/editor
– Organizer
– Document viewer/editor
– Photo viewer/editor
– Voice memo/dial/command
– Predictive text input

iPhone 6 Plus

iphone 6 plus

The iPhone 6 Plus captures your attention with its big, bright and high-contrast 5.5 inch screen. The display is gorgeous. It makes activities like watching videos, browsing through images, playing games and reading e-books a real pleasure The model offers bigger and better performing battery. This iPhone can not only work for a whole day without needing a recharge, but also a good part of the next day too.
The camera is a huge improvement over the previous Apple phones. Its sharpness and vibrancy are impressive. The optical image stabilization enables you to capture great images even in dim light. Some experts in the field are of the opinion that it is Apple’s best phone this year.


The iPhone 6 Plus is a tough model. It seems to resist scratches. Its new vibrate motor is powerful. Call quality (speakers and microphones) is excellent.
Some of the apps are not optimized for the model. They look blurry. iPhone 6 Plus is too big. It is so big that you cannot operate it with one hand comfortably. Battery takes more time to charge, more than three hours from nil to full charge. The iOS8 is sluggish. The UI feels flaky.
The best way to get to know more about these smartphones is to visit an Apple store.

How to make Incredible videos with your iphone to sell more of your products and services

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The Basics – Affiliate Marketing-Affiliation makes money

How to Make Money-Top Ways To Earn Your First Dollar Online

The Basics – Affiliate Marketing-Affiliation makes money

The Basics – Affiliate Marketing-Affiliation makes money

Learning the Business

First of all, you must understand & know how it actually works. You must know what pitfalls or obstacles may slow your progress down. You must have a good knowledge of what is affiliate marketing & how it actually works.

You won’t make any commission simply because you’re promoting a particular product. You’ll only receive your commission when someone buys any particular product or service using your affiliate link. It’s very crucial that you know how to keep track of your sales so that you’ll know what’s working & what isn’t.

Building Your List from the First Day

Although affiliate marketing can be a great approach to make money online, there’s one downfall to this. You never get the contact details of the purchaser. Because this will go to the seller.

affiliate marketing

The one thing which is common among all top affiliate marketers is that, all of them have created big lists which are also very responsive. If you would like to increase your earning chances you should start building your list from the first day.

Some of the popular email marketing services include Aweber, Get Response, iContact and Constant Contact.

You may use any of the above. After you register, you’ll need to generate a web form in order to locate on your blog/website. This web form is used to gather the name as well as email addresses of the persons who visit your site.

Once you’ve their email address & name you can market services/products to them often. This is where the real cash comes from.

Advertise Quality Services/Products

This is very crucial. Most times newbies get caught up with the commission only without ever actually researching the service/product to know if it actually will add any value to their buyers. Being an affiliate marketer, your major goal must be to help your subscribers. This way, you won’t have any difficulties making money.

So never depend on the commission as even if a service/product has a greater commission, it will never do you any better if everybody is asking for a refund. Try to be an honest affiliate marketer. If visitors see your major objective is to really help them, it is very likely that they’ll buy almost anything which you suggest. Hence if you would like to be among the best earning affiliate marketers, always try to put your buyers first instead of your commissions.

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How to Make Money-Top Ways To Earn Your First Dollar Online

How to Make Money-Top Ways To Earn Your First Dollar Online

how to make money

Internet is littered with opportunities to make money quickly. However, the amount you earn depends on the time and effort invested by you. Go through these 5 options and see which suits you.


Starting a blog doesn’t require any kind of technical skills, but it’s crucial that you’ve expertise in the field that you are writing about. This will attract visitors to your site. If you have enough following, you are likely to big earn profits by attracting advertisers, writing paid or getting commissions for promoting other people’s product reviews.

2-Paid Writing

If maintaining a blog is tough for you, however you still would like to indulge your passion for writing, you could write articles for other sites or blogs for example PayPerPost, Weblogs, or Helium.

Make Easy Money Every month

Writing an e-book can also be a good option. E-books are free for printing and shipping. If you have a strong command over the language, you could also become a copy editor.


The demand for tutors is high and increasing. So you’re someone who likes to help others with their learning, e-learning could be the winning ticket for you.

4-Affiliate Marketing

For those who have the gift of selling, one of the best ways to make money online is to become an affiliate for any particular company. An affiliate is a person who receives a commission for the sale of each product he promotes, whether on his personal website or in any other way as eBay. You do not have to own the product. Just sign up for an affiliate program with a company and start selling its products under your referral link. Companies such as Commission Junction or ClickBank have a large pool of products.

I have been very successful with affiliate marketing and want to tell you the secrets in my book


I have explained 9 best proven and tested methods to make affiliate sales in my book.

5-Buying/Selling Domains

Buying and selling domain names is another way to make money from home and needs very minimal time or investment. You can purchase domains at their registration costs or even cheaper and trade them at a profit. However, always research on sites like , , or other domain auction sites to get an estimate of the hottest selling names.

Domain Flipping Extreme – Exploited Secrets Of The Domain Community

6-Freelance Jobs

Freelancing is a great choice for making money online. Freelancers and small businesses offer bids or proposals from which freelancers can choose what they find most appropriate. Sites like Elance, Odesk, freelancer cover everything from programming and writing to data entry and design encoder.

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