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WordPress Uniquefier Plugin v3.4 Review-important blogging tip for autoblogs

WordPress Uniquefier Plugin v3.4 Review-important blogging tip for autoblogs:

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This plugin gives you unique content as the name suggests. Having unique content on your blog or site is more than just important as its sends positive signals to search engines. The sites with unique content get better ranking ins search engines than the sites which just copy and paste the content from other sources.

This is the time of automation and therefore I love wordpress because for every problem, you do have a solution.

If in case you have duplicate content on your site then you should have this plugin. Just install this plugin and with a click you can make the content unique. You cannot succeed in your online ventures if your site doesn’t have unique content. SEO is all about unique content.

New version:

3.4 is the new version for this plugin

A glance at the features:

Uniquefier is a WordPress Plugin which once activated will turn your blog content from duplicate to unique. All it takes is 1 single click to activate the plugin and everything will be 100% unique content.

What if I tell you that even if you place the same article 10 times on your blog, it will be seen as unique content each and every time? With this plugin, all your articles are UNIQUE.

How is that possible, it is indeed a different approach, and no it’s not one of those article rewriters or any spinners you may have heard of. More, the articles will be the same for your site visitors, the changes which are being made to the articles are in the backpage, in the page source, changes which are not visible to the visitors, but only to the search engines bots and browsers. We are not hiding text or any kind of such activities which are strictly forbidden, the Uniquefier uses a simple, yet highly effective mechanism of turning your articles unique. The key: special html chars (example: hyphens). By placing special control chars into your articles, chars which have sense only to the way the browser displays the webpage, we are turning duplicate into unique content.

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Positive reviews:

There are about 83% positive reviews about this plugin


For only 14.99 USD you can get this plugin. It is reasonable and the advantages are quite appealing.

My recommendation:

I highly recommend it to all those webmasters who are running autoblogs or are running sites which has copied content.


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Installation and Activation:

upload the plugin to your wp-content/plugins directory and activate it from your wordpress admin panel. Or you can simply download it from the order page to your computer. After that log into wordpress dashboard and go to plugins, now click on add new and browse the location of the zip folder for the plugin you have just downloaded and activate it. That’s all, you’ve got yourself a unique content stream. All your existing and future posts will automatically be seen as unique content. No changes are made to your database, so if on any moment you want to disable the plugin, the posts will go back to their original state. Trust me, you won’t want to disable it ever.
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