How to Get Backlinks SEO considering Google Panda and Penguin

How to Get Backlinks SEO

Find free legit ways on How to Get Backlinks SEO

How to Get Backlinks SEO

How to Get Backlinks considering Google Panda and Penguin

This is the most essential part of the game (SEO) as without Backlinks you cannot get a good search engine ranking. Remember the following for better SERP and results:

Links should be from the same niche (try to get the links from same niche as they carry for importance in terms of search engine ranking)
The sites linking to you should have good PR (page rank)
One way backlinks are more appreciated by search engines
Get authority backlinks like wiki backlinks
While getting or buying backlinks use different URL’s (Main website url and sub pages or posts urls)
Do not get a blast of Backlinks (not good in terms of Panda and Penguin updates of google)
After getting the report for the URL’s where your backlinks are placed, ping them using Pingfarm. place one url per line and after pasting all the url’s send ping

List of places where you can get backlinks:

classified sites
rss feed submission
Net 2.0 sites
Buying backlinks
Blog commenting
Yahoo groups


You can search for a list of free directories and start posting on them. Select Category and sub category according
to the niche or keyword you are working on.

Classified Sites:

You can search for a list of free classified sites and start posting your ad on them. Select Category and sub category according
to the niche or keyword you are working on.

Rss feed sites:

Use the sites below to submit your rss feed url, it is very beneficial and you will get good backlinks with the passage of time:

Rss feed submission to multiple sites

Net 2.0 sites:

There are many of these but I recommend the two top sites as follows:



Buying backlinks:

Here most of us do mistakes, we normally buy 1000’s of backlinks and our site comes under spam.
Do not buy large no. of backlinks. buy 500 to 1000 backlinks initially and submit them to
Linklicious will then ping 40 backlinks per day for you on autopilot.

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Blog commenting:

Google about websites with same Niche, then after reading their complete posts, submit a relevant comment (do not spam). The recommended number of comments per day are 20 or less.

Yahoo groups:

Its not a main essesntial part, as it may serve as a backlinks or may not but as per my experience, I have seen that few of my email links got indexed in search engines through yahoo mailing groups because they were shared by the readers online



I highly recommend you to make videos about the niche you have selected and upload them, why? its because videos are more likely to get better rank with little seo efforts.
Also if you want more out of it, I highly recommend the following program, with few clicks you can post your video to multiple video sites. Highly recommend it…starts with only 1 dollar.

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How to Get Backlinks SEO

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