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Project Wonderful Review Advertiser & Publisher

Project Wonderful Review Advertiser & Publisher

I have been using project wonderful as a publisher and also as an advertiser for 2 years now and Its’ always a great experience.

If you are planning to buy banner advertisement then there is no better place than project wonderful. Why? on most of the sites you buy impressions for banners but at project wonderful there is no limit to impressions as you don’t pay per impressions, you pay per day.
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You have to bid to place your banner ad and there are four locations for winning a bid, US Traffic, Canada Traffic, European traffic and else where around the world. In other words, if you want US traffic, your bid should be more than the current bid for US traffic for that particular site you want to advertise on.

The rates are very reasonable, I have placed my banner ads from 0.01 to 1 dollar per day, depending upon the traffic a site gets.

You can search for places to advertise using various aspects like size of banner and categories. I like working with project wonderful.


You can add a minimum of 5 dollars to start advertising. You can pay it using paypal.

It gives you real time reports of how many impressions your banner has received and how many clicks were generated. I have also matched the data with google analytics and it’s always correct. I highly recommend it to all advertisers.

As a publisher I love it and for me it’s one of the best google adsense alternatives

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I have all my confidence in their services as an advertiser and a publisher.

cpm campaigns now possible!

Project Wonderful always bids in CPD (cost per day) but campaigns can now convert those CPD values into CPM. So now with campaigns you can say “bid for me, but I don’t want to pay more than $0.15 CPM” and your CPD bids will automatically be adjusted to stay within that range!
It’s a great way to bid across the entire network (why not?) while still getting a great value and keeping your costs low. Try it out by creating a campaign! Just enter in the CPM price you want to pay, and we’ll do the rest. 🙂

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Project Wonderful Review - projectwonderfulreview

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