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Auto Affiliate Program Review 2018

Hey, I am back with some more exciting reviews and in fact it’s more about being real while giving a review, based on reality and not just for the sake of putting it online expecting to get conversions

Below are the details about the program Auto Affiliate Program

“Do you want to learn how to create a passive income stream in less than 7 minutes that’ll keep paying you for the rest of your life? Follow the instructions in our simple 7 minute instructional video and we’ll show you how you can make money using affiliate marketing through E-books! Sign up and we’ll supply you with your very own website, and a new viral-ready E-book every week that’s outfitted with YOUR affiliate links. Anytime someone buys something through those links, you earn a commission. Even better, when someone purchases a monthly membership to something, you’ll continue to receive a monthly commission as long as they remain a member! Can you afford not to sign up?”

My verdict on Auto Affiliate Program

I have personally tested this program and I will be honest with you, I claimed in refund after 30 days, why? Well it didn’t work out for me, though I did send traffic to the link generated!
in a month I only made one sale through auto affiliate program and that’s when I was sending traffic to the link, doesn’t make any sense to me

My Recommendation

What I would recommend is CB Passive Income ProgramThis program is far more better designed and managed by the creators (Patric Chan)

You can read my review on CB Passive Income Here!

All the best and do keep coming back for more real reviews and updates from the world of making money…!
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