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Top 10 Best Ways to Earn Money Online

Top 10 best ways to earn money online:

Top 10 Best Ways to Earn Money Online

There are plenty of ways to earn money online but here in this post I am going to mention the best top 10 ways to earn money online.

Money can really move mountains.

With the ever changing aspects of internet, it is indeed hard to mention all ways of earning money. Kindly check the details below:

1. Make money as affiliate marketer:

This is one of the best ways to earn money online. Companies like clickbank, markethealth and amazon are at the top of my list for this category. Affiliate marketing means to sell products online or offline and earn commissions per sale. I have been very successful with affiliate marketing and want to tell you the secrets in my book


I have explained 9 best proven and tested methods to make affiliate sales in my book.

The above mentioned sites are 100% legit and really good to start with. Clickbank has well over 26000 digital products and is the most honest company I have come across.

2. Selling small services

Services like fiverr, fourerr,seoclerks and gigbucks gives you the power to sell small services or skills. For example you make backlinks for other site owners and earn money or you can get a review video made for any business and earn money. These sites are legit and I have been earning with these sites for the last three years or so. Highly recommend it to all. It’s free to join and gives you awesome income. I earned my first dime online with fiverr. You can too starting today!

I am a top seller at gigbucks

Be creative and think of your skills or interests and then sell them for money.

3. Selling advertising space of your blog:

You can sell advertising space of your blog at buysellads, projectwonderful and also by making a gig about selling advertising space on gig sites (seoclerks) mentioned above. the key is to first make a site or blog which gets good amount of visitors everyday. To get good amount of traffic, you need to write unique articles everyday and do some basic SEO for your site or blog.

4. placing ads on your site:

placing ads on your site is an old but really awesome way to start making money online. As mentioned above you should be getting good amount of visitors everyday before applying for a publisher account. the best publisher account is Adsense which is hard to get but not impossible. Your site should be at least 2 months old with at least 50 unique articles on it. It should have a contact us and privacy links. Other options are Chitika, clicksor, bidvertiser and revenuehits.

5. Earn money with videos:

If you are passionate about something and have really got interest in a certain topic then you can make videos around that topic and upload them to your youtube channel. When you start getting good traffic on your videos, you can monetize them with adsense. You can apply for monetization while being within your youtube account. It’s a really good way to earn money, specially when you start getting 1000’s of hits on your videos. Videos should be unique, not copied versions. You should have rights for those videos. Do not download and upload videos. Only upload your own videos you have rights for.

Highly recommend this program to learn how to earn money with videos.

6. Placing articles on your site for others

If you own a site or blog and it’s getting decent traffic daily. You can actually place articles written by others on your site and get paid. What it does is that it gives backlink to the other site. Let me explain in another way, if I am the owner of site A, I can write an article and ask the owner of site B to place it on his site because it will give my site A a backlink. I hope you understand. A bit similar to selling ad space but different in work and nature.

Here is a beginners guide to article marketing

7. Domain Flipping

This one technique is really awesome and works very well if you have some tips and knowledge about it (about how it works). What domain flipping means is that you buy a domain and then sell it later on.

The best place to buy and sell domains is flippa.com

domain example is (abc.com) if you don’t know what a domain is..

Here are few tips on selling your domain:

The domain name should be as short as possible, meaning it should have as less no. of characters as possible.

Secondly it should be a .com, .net or a .org domain.

If your domain has a rank like pr2 or more, it will most likely be sold out quickly

When you sell a domain at flippa, it will cost you 9 dollars to place your ad. You can check for further details on flippa or have a look at this service to learn more about domain flipping

 8. Investing proper time utilizing your skills for a company

What I am talking about is working as a freelancer. Platforms like Elance.com, Freelancer.com and Odesk are really old site where people hire you after checking your profile and skills. For example you can work for a company based in US as virtual assistant. I have been doing it for the last 2 years now. It’s an awesome legit way.

ways to earn money

Why have I put this Freelancer thing under this post is because a freelancer works using the power of internet from his home.

You can work as virtual assistant, customer support representative or as any other professional according to your previous work experience or skills.

The best part is that you do get paid a decent amount of money ranging from 3 dollars per hour to 20 dollars per hour, depending upon the demand of your skills and its importance for the companies hiring you.

You get paid on fixed or hourly basis.

 9. Url redirection

Platforms like adf.ly and linkbucks.com pays to shorten url and then sending traffic to those shortened urls. You must be wondering how it works? Well! when a person visits your shortened link, an ad is displayed for 5 to 10 seconds. The advertisers pay money to linkbucks and adfly to advertise for them on a network of sites through their members who have shortened the urls’.The money earned by these companies is then shared or in other words a portion of what the advertisers pay, goes to those people who have shortened the urls’ and started sending traffic to these urls’. It’s a nice way to earn money online specially if you have a high traffic blog or a high traffic video (placing shortened url on your site or in the description of video).

10. PTC sites:

I don’t recommend it to all. PTC means paid to click, which means you get paid to click and view ads. The earning is really low and one can only earn big with these sites if he has around 3000 plus referrals under him, working everyday clicking ads. Do it only if you know the game. If you are starting off with this method and don’t know how to earn well with ptc sites, I highly recommend the below service.

ptc code

I only recommend few legit sites as follows in this area:



I hope this post will be useful to all readers around the world. Kindly like, share and comment. Thanks

ways to earn money


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Top 10 Best Ways to Earn Money Online

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Best Ways to Earn Money-Clickbank Affiliate Earnings

Clickbank Affiliate Earnings

Clickbank Affiliate Earnings

Why we fail online and my personal experience sharing about how to start an online business:

My purpose of writing this post is to provide you with a source to find the best suitable ebooks, programs and products to make more clickbank sales and to be successful online in terms of SEO, online jobs, internet marketing and all other aspects to earn money online.

My online journey and what you need to know to be successful

Its been 4 years for which I am working as an Internet Marketer. Within these four years, I have tried out every single thing, writing blogs, finding ways to make more clickbank sales, making review videos, doing SEO, buying ebooks to learn more and have spent more than a thousand dollars in my journey to find out the best product and services. I faced 98% failure during my first year online. The reason was simple but took me one year to identify whats wrong! The biggest thing which was missing is direction. No one was there to help me out and show me the right path. My book – An Error free 7 methods to make consistent affiliate sales

Smart Work

Only struggling and hard work doesn’t pay off and trust me that I have worked my butts off. Unless you find someone who is really willing to help you out and knows what he is doing, you cannot succeed without right direction. Therefore I have written this book which will help you in getting the in depth knowledge about all the right ways which will definitely help you succeed online.

I don’t want you to waste your precious time and money and therefore I will be really straight forward in terms of explaing things and will be honest

Bottom Line

After four years, now I feel complete and now I am working as a full time Internet Marketer and as a Clickbank Vendor. Finally I have started to love my life and enjoy the freedom. Forget about wasting your hard earned money and buying useless programs, read my Book thoroughly and you would find ways and tips about how to start earn affiliate money!

why you need to learn

As I have already mentioned that you cannot do it yourself and if you try to, you will face failure as I did few years back. The reason why I fail was that I didn’t know which product or program will work for me and I just blindly kept on trying out different things. Just an example: If you want to Study or learn any particular subject, you go to the teacher who is a specialist in that area. You will definitely not go to a confectioner to learn psychology.

Enjoy your visit to my website by exploring it! Also keep on searching and browsing the internet and find new ideas, it will keep you updated about all the latest trends online and will increase your knowledge and interest.

One Tip before you buy any Online earning program or product:

Always search that product or program which you want to buy on warrior forum before you want to buy it and read its review there. This is one simple technique which saved me a lot of dollars.

Wish to see you on the other side as a successful online earner.

As far as my experience is concerned, start by learning SEO then implement your knowledge to make a website or blog and through that blog or website, start earning adsense money and selling clickbank products. Use the following links to learn more.

God bless all!

Recommended Programs:

This is my E-Book written for newbies and experienced affiliate marketers to guide them how to make many affiliate sales and earn healthy affiliate commissions-Best 7 ways to earn money as affiliate

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Clickbank Affiliate Earnings

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