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Best Ways to Earn Money Online-Work From Home

Best Ways to Earn Money Online-Work From Home

Best Ways to Earn Money Online-Work From Home

In this article I will explain the best ways to earn money online. Is it possible to work online from home and make money? The answer is YES! I have been working online for the last 5 years now and I know that it is 100% possible to make money online. Following are legit ways to earn income online from your home.

Below are the top methods I use to make money online & you can too!

Affiliate Marketing:

The top method which I highly recommed is affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? well as I have been informing my subscribers and viewers that affiliate marketing is selling othe people’s products with your unique affiliate link to earn commissions. The most legit platforms are Clickbank, Markethealth & Jvzoo.

First thing is signing up on the platforms mentioned above & it’s totally free. Once you have signed up, you need to find a product to promote. The best product to promote should have the following features and should pass the following checklist:

1-Should be relevant to your Niche or blog topic

without relevance, the chances are really weak to get conversion. Let me give you an example: This blog of mine is about making money online, so I should promote products which are related to making money online. I can also promote products through which people get some type of related service like SEO as without search engine optimization, your article, blog or videos would not rank well and it’s an essential piece of the puzzle for an online marketer or blogger.

2-Landing page should be attractive & it should be easy for the visitor to find the order link button.

Tip: Avoid promoting products with video landing pages as I have observed that it converts less. The probability is low. In other words, promote the products with links to landing page having text or content.

3-Select the product with hype behind it as it’s more likely to convert, why? Let me give you another example here. You must have seen big companies like Samsung promoting their products before the actual launch. It creates hype and people are already interested in getting the product once it’s launched.
When it comes to Clickbank, I prefer products with 20 or more gravity. It’s also important, not to select a product with 200+ gravity initially once your are getting started with affiliate marketing as there is a lot of competition and if your article or video is not ranking well on google, the chances of getting a sale is low.

4-The product should be helpful to people buying it as it makes no sense to me to promote products which are not useful to people buying it. I would be really happy as an affiliate marketer if I am giving people something useful.

Grab the Best Free E-book to learn affiliate marketing

If you are serious about making money through affiliate marketing, I highly recommend the below programs as I have tested the programs myself and they work.

Auto Affiliate Program

Read my review about it here or check out my review video

CB Passive Income Program

Read my review here or check out my review video


Best Ways to Earn Money Online-Work From Home11

The other highly recommended method to make money online is to start a blog. The most important thing which most people ignore is the selection of topic or Niche your blog should be about. Let me make it simple for you to understand. Select a topic you are comfortable writing about and you have knowledge of. I would not start a blog on “Acne” as I have no knowledge about it. I write about making money online because I have spent many years finding ways to earn income at home. Below are useful posts which will help you in understanding the concept of blogging and getting started.

For people who are serious about making money as a blogger, I highly recommend the below program

Affiliate Blogger Pro

Useful Posts:

How to Start Making Money through Blogging

Blogging Tips 2018 for Beginners

How to Start Making Money through Blogging

Micro Jobs Sites:

I highly recommend this method to newbies who are interested in making income online becaus I earned my first penny online through Fiverr. It is 100% legit and you do get sales. The key is to offer the services according to your skillset or profession. I offer content writing service as I have been writing on my blogs for 4 years now and I am comfortable with it. Signup for free on fiverr clicking the banner below and browse or search on services relevant to your skillset. See how other top sellers are promoting their services. See the text they are using to sell their service. Other legit sites are Gigbucks, Seoclerks and Fourerr
. Basically, micro jobs sites give you the option to sell your services ranging from 4 dollars up to hundreds of dollars depending on your level (there are levels for a seller determined on the basis of feedback and orders which the seller have delivered)

Taking Surveys:

This is one awesome method to make money online & you actually get paid to give your opinion.

Below are links to some legit platforms where you can start getting paid for your opinions.

Some of the below methods are paid and some are free & it’s also dependent upon your country.

Worldwide Free Offer:

Worldwide Paid Offers:

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Best Ways to Make Money Online

Hey guys,
This blog post is about Best Ways to Make Money Online
I will give you details about legit ways which worked for me
Best Ways to Make Money Online

I will be straight forward and honest..!

I earned my first penny online by making an account on Fiverr. I offered my Novena gig which is a prayer to Saint & I was lucky to get my first sale in a couple of days

So that’s how I started my online journey
I highly recommend you to join the below gig sites also and offer something related to your skills or profession
I highly recommend this E-book, if you are serious about making money on fiverr

Below are the links to my profile:

After working on micro-jobs sites I started researching about ‘Affiliate Marketing’ and then with my first launch jack experiment, I was able to make $450 to $650 per month, not bad to start with..!
I have been doing affiliate marketing for the last 4 years or so & you can check my book here to learn 9 best ways to earn income as affiliate marketer

Basic concept behind affiliate marketing is that you sell someone else’s product using your affiliate links to different products, by directing traffic to that link. I highly recommend Affilorama, if you really want to learn affiliate marketing

Another great way to make money online is through sharing your opinion in terms of taking surveys, I highly recommend the following program to get started with
Work at home surveys

It doesn’t end here, you can also make money through your YouTube channel. Make a free channel and start posting videos about something you are passionate about, here’s an example of my youtube channel’s video. The big question is that how you earn money with your Youtube Channel, well it goes like this. Once you have setup your channel and have some videos on it, apply for monetize through adsense
Here’s a great program which I highly recommend about making money with YouTube

Now here’s a way through which people have really become wealthy in weeks or days, that’s right, did I catch you attention, it’s CPA (Cost per action). The main idea behind it is getting an action performed by someone, for example getting flash player updated…boom..it’s easy as it sounds but it’s not a piece of cake. The process includes filtering out offers not working for you and then reinvesting in the offers working..!

Here’s the platform I recommend Peerfly

If you want to get CPA approval, here’s a guide for you

Wish all visitors the best and feel free to drop a comment and share…as sharing is caring..! Peace!!!

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Best Ways to Make Money Online

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