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How to Start Making Money through Blogging

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How to Start Making Money through Blogging

Learn the concept of starting a blog and making money

I hope that by the time you will reach the end of this post, you will have a clear picture about

How to Start Making Money through Blogging

My Introduction and what this article is about

My complete name is Nishat Andrew Anthony and I am a part of the online internet marketing community for many years now. I will guide you on blogging tips in this article and will try to make it clear what I was doing wrong and what is very important in order for you to understand the whole concept of blogging and then making money off it. I was missing out on reality, that’s right!

I used to listen to everyone and try to implement it online wondering and expecting to get results in terms of making money off the internet. My efforts were there but there was no direction.

Let me cut the chase and tell you. What I am trying to say here is reality based internet marketing and it’s a new concept. If I ask you, Do you like reality? Your answer will obviously be “Yes”

This was the most important factor I was missing out on. People didn’t know my name, what I do and what I used to write was not genuine.

What you need to do is to understand what’s inside of you and what you need to do in life. Set your goals straight and be real. Be genuine and once you become genuine, you will find the right direction to work on.

Be real and write honestly about the topics and around the subject you are passionate about

In this article, I will tell you the basics of starting a blog and then making money off it keeping in mind that what you do makes a difference and is helpful for the visitors or your online audience.

Where to Start?

In this part of the article, I would try to make you understand what needs to be done before you start a blog.

The first thing is the Topic of the Blog:

I would be as straight forward as possible. Only write about the topics you are passionate about and have knowledge off. For me, being part of the online internet community, I love writing about new ways to make money online and my goal is to provide the right information. So select a topic you have sound knowledge of.

Platform to Start Blogging:

The best and most widely used platform is wordpress. It gives you a lot of handy options to work with eventually making your blog better looking and attractive. There are hundreds of free themes to select off and one can easily understand how to operate or setup a blog on wordpress platform

Write Honestly:

A normal practice online is copying someone else’s content where as others simply spin the already written article and post it. This is wrong practice, be honest with what you do and you will succeed. Be genuine and share the reality based on your experience or skill. People love honesty and truth and I hope that this article will be useful in understanding the basic of starting a blog.

Let me briefly put it this way, select wordpress platform, write about the topic you have knowledge of & love writing about. Write honestly keeping in mind that the content is useful to your readers. Write consistently covering all topics related and try to make the content more useful for the reader.

Affiliate Marketing

This is an awesome way to make money off your blog. It’s the art of selling a vendor’s product through your special link known as affiliate link. You can signup with one of the biggest free platform Clickbank. After signing up, browse through the products relevant to your article and place banners or text links. Clickbank is not the only platform. You can signup for Amazon Affiliate Program, jvzoo etc. I am an affiliate marketer for the last 5 years or so and my biggest source of income is through affiliate marketing. I saw significant increase in my online earning when I started to be real and share the right thing. The first step to start anything is the most difficult one but once you take the first step, it becomes more real and then you learn with errors and mistakes. This is the same way how I learned but I would say that there was no one who could show me the right direction. So by direction, I mean to take note of the above mentioned pointers.

I highly recommend you buy my E-book about 9 best ways to make affiliate sales

Social Presence

In this part of the article I would emphasize on the importance of social presence. For any online or offline business, now-a-days, it’s important to have social presence, otherwise the competition will not let you survive the market. What you need to do is lay a foundation with reality. Let me give you example, you need to setup your social profiles and add info to your profile based on reality and not based on bunch of keywords. Once you make your profile on all top social media sites like FB, twitter, Pinterest etc try to connect all the channels. Let me put it this way.

Read more on Social Presence here

Tell the world about yourself and what you do and make it a habit to post your recent articles on all social mediums. When I write a new article, I always share it across the social media to get the word out and to get traffic. Social Media presence can serve as the biggest traffic provider for your articles or posts if used properly. Everyday is a learning curve and a good gardener always keeps on cutting and trimming until perfection.I hope that this article was helpful to viewers/visitors searching for the right direction to start a blog. Kindly share the knowledge as sharing is caring. Thanks! Get more information about Starting Blogging Step by Step, kindly check the following posts!

How to Start Making Money through Blogging

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How Do I Start a Free Blog and Make Money

How Do I Start a Free Blog and Make Money

How Do I Start a Free Blog and Make Money

One of my subscribers asked me to write about How do you start a free blog and then make money off it.
There are many aspects to starting a blog and then making it famous over time. It needs consistency, unique content every other day, your passion to write on a topic and knowledge of SEO and then how to make money off your blog. I will try to write and touch all topics in this blog post & I would also recommend some programs to start your online journey. Every piece of the puzzle is important in your online growth. Every important element of the bigger picture plays an important role. Now when I say it, I mean it and I know exactly what I am talking about. I am blogger by profession with more than 5 years of online experience in Making Money online Niche. I know the loop holes and almost 90% of the ways available online to make money. Why 90%, well, I am being honest because the online world never sleeps and there are always new ways to make money off the internet. Coming back to the main point i.e. how do I start a free blog and make money. Now, first you need to notice and note down following things:

The topic or niche of the blog:

Select a topic or market/niche you are passionate about and you love writing or sharing about. For example. I love writing about making money online because I love it, I love making money online and I have spent years in the online market. So, what I am trying to say, is: Turn your passion into blogging. If you love UFC, make a blog about it and write about new events. If you love soccer, make a blog on it and start writing about it

Be honest with yourself:

By saying be honest with yourself, I mean to say that write the right thing and be real. If you are just making a blog on weight loss for the sake of making money off it, it’s better you don’t do it. Select the topic or subject you have knowledge of and you are passionate about.
Another important thing is the recommendation. If you recommend a product or program to your blog visitors, it should be useful to them. I would rather say, promote the products or programs you have tested yourself or you know will be highly useful for your visitor, after doing proper research on it. Make blogging real and fun..!

Basic knowledge of SEO:

This is a very important element for your online growth and if you are really serious about making money online, you need to learn SEO. I would give you a simple yet powerful technique to learn. Spend 15 minutes everyday on youtube searching about how to do Search Engine Optimization and I am sure that in a month’s time, you will be able to understand the whole concept and how things work online.

Below are some useful articles on SEO:

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SEO Techniques

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How to do keyword research

Keyword Research & Strategy with Keyword Planner

How to Create Your Blog/How to Create a Blog For Free on Google:

The best place to start a new blog is none other than http://blogger.com. You just need a gmail account to get started after you have worked on the above mentioned pointers. Blogger.com gives you many features to make good looking blogs.
Below are some example blogs on blogger which I run



using your gmail account to login, select a design/tempelate and keep the name for the blog, that’s it!

Make Money WordPress:

WordPress.com is one of the largest and biggest platform for free blogs. it gives you leverage to work provided great looking free themes and features.
I highly recommend wordpress blogs. Signup is free and you can start making your own free blog in minutes.
For how to use wordpress and different plugins, you need to do some research online. I would say that my 12 years old cousin can make a blog using wordpress platform. It’s very easy to operate. Below are some useful posts on how to use wordpress

How to Use WordPress

New To WordPress – Where to Start

how to make money with a blog for beginners/how do bloggers make money from blogging/how to start a blog for free and make money:

I would say that you can start earning from your blog as soon as you post your first post online. I am serious about it. In this topic, I will give you some details on basic ways to earn money off your blog in 2018 for free

Affiliate Marketing:

A great way to start making money off your blog is utilizing affiliate marketing. You can signup free on Clickbank or Jvzoo and start earning commissions off every product sold with your affiliate link. It’s not that simple though. I would like to give you some details on how it works. You signup for the affiliate account and then search for the product to promote. Once you have selected the product to promote, you put your referral link related to the product you are trying to sell in your blog posts. Now the product you want to sell, should have the below mentioned two pointers:

1-Should be useful to your visitor
2-Relevant to the topic/niche or blog post

Keep the above mentioned pointers in mind while promoting a product or placing a link to it in your blog posts. For me, honesty is the best policy and I only recommend products I have tested myself or have done research about. I only promote products, useful to my visitors. Hope you understand the concept and read more about making money from your blog in below mentioned posts:

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How to make money with Clickbank Affiliate sales in 2018

How to start making money through blogging

Make Money of CPA

Blogging Step by Step

I highly recommend my personally written E-book on how to make money with affiliate marketing here
In this E-book, you will learn 9 best ways to earn money with affiliate marketing and the price is only $3

Adsense\Other publisher programs:

A healthy way to earn money off your blog is to get adsense or media.net ads approved for your blog. Once your free blogger blog has more than 60 unique articles or blog posts, apply for adsense account and start getting paid for placing ads through google on your blog. Let me also add here that your blog should have more than 60 unique posts with more than 1000 words each. Your blog design should be professional and good looking. The interface should be easy for the visitor to understand. Your blog should have contact us and about us/about me pages. I would say that in the longer run, you will have to buy a domain of your own and setup wordpress on it but starting a free blog and making money on it is possible for sure.

Read more about making money on adsense here

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